Cada descubrimiento aparece como huella ingenua y oscura que descompone y desaparece al ser humano
Segundo Planes
Drawing on Guarro Paper
27-1/2 x 20"

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Segundo Planes Drawing Human Discovery Cuban Art 1990

Discover the captivating masterpiece "Cada descubrimiento aparece como huella ingenua y oscura que descompone y desaparece al ser humano" by the renowned Cuban artist Segundo Planes. This stunning drawing on coarse paper, masterfully created in 1990, unveils the artist's distinctive signature, combining vibrant colors and abstract forms in a unique expression.

The piece, pencil-signed and dated by Segundo Planes, stands out as a prominent gem in any art collection. The image evokes a unique visual intensity, portraying a human head with a gaze fixed on the horizon, surrounded by four green figures and two red lines intersecting at the center of the face. The title, strategically placed at the bottom alongside the artist's signature, adds a poetic and enigmatic touch to the composition.

Planes, educated at the prestigious National School of Art and the Higher Institute of Art in Havana, has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene since 1983. His distinctive style is characterized by a visual excess of symbolic images and narrative content that challenges artistic conventions, aiming to provoke emotional and reflective responses from the viewer.

This artwork, with its fusion of colors and forms, leads the observer to explore the depths of meaning and the human experience. The message in the title of "Every discovery appears as a naïve and dark trace that decomposes and disappears from the human being" seems to invite contemplation on the transience of human perceptions and discoveries, their ephemeral traces fading in the vastness of time. A visual testament to Segundo Planes' mastery and depth in his artistic pursuit.

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Drawing on paper
27-1/2 x 20"

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