St Gertrude the Great of Helfta
Oil on canvas
Peruvian school
18th Century
30-1/4 x 21"

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"Santa Gertrudis de Helfta," an exquisite original oil painting from the renowned colonial school of Cuzco, Peru, transports us to the vibrant artistic movement of the 18th century in Latin America.

The colonial school of Cuzco is characterized by its fusion of Andean indigenous traditions with European influences. In "Santa Gertrudis de Helfta," we witness the harmonious marriage of these diverse artistic currents. The central figure is Saint Gertrude the Great, a saint revered for her profound spirituality and mystical experiences. She holds a sacred heart in flames, symbolizing divine love and devotion, where we glimpse the tender forms of Saint Joseph and the Baby Jesus, reinforcing the theme of compassion and interconnectedness.

The painting, executed on canvas using the oil technique, reflects the mastery of the colonial school. The pigments -rich ochres, deep blues, and warm reds- convey both earthly and celestial realms. The play of light and shadow adds depth, inviting contemplation.

Helfta is a small village located in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, in northeastern Germany. Historically, Helfta is known for being the place where the Cistercian monastery of Saint Mary in Helfta was established, also known as Helfta Abbey. It was in this monastery where Saint Gertrude the Great lived and worked in the 13th century. Today, Saint Gertrude is remembered for her spiritual writings and mystical experiences, including visions and dialogues with Jesus Christ. She is especially revered for her teachings on divine love and is considered one of the great mystics of the Catholic Church. Her spiritual legacy has had a profound influence on Christian spirituality throughout the centuries, and her work continues to be studied and appreciated today.

The painting exemplifies the colonial school's ability to synthesize diverse influences. Indigenous motifs intertwine with European techniques, resulting in a harmonious image. As an original piece from the 18th century, "Santa Gertrudis de Helfta" invites collectors to own a tangible piece of history. Its imperfections -the cracks, the patina- tell stories of devotion and time.

The aesthetic beauty of this significant work invites contemplation, making it a striking addition to any space. This piece connects you to a rich artistic heritage and the spiritual fervor of centuries past. Furthermore, as interest in colonial art grows, this painting becomes an investment in the cultural legacy of Latin America. "Santa Gertrudis de Helfta" beckons with its sacred heart aflame, bridging continents, epochs, and souls. Whether you seek artistic enrichment or a tangible link to the divine, this masterpiece awaits your discerning eye.

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Oil on canvas
30-1/4 x 21"
18th Century
Cuzco school

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