St James
Hand carved and polychrome wood
Hat and sword made of Sterling Silver
24 x 16 x 15"
18th Century

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Antique figure of St. James from the Mexican colonial era in the 18th century. Hand-carved with precision, this Santiago Matamoros figure as he is known in Latin America, sits atop a horse, preserving its original polychrome colors that still dazzle after centuries. Its hat and sword, both crafted in sterling silver, add an opulent touch to the piece. The polychrome technique, with its rich nuances, brings the wood to life, turning it into a visual marvel.

This figure of St. James the Moor-slayer embodies profound spiritual significance. As one of Jesus's twelve apostles, Santiago represents unwavering faith and courage, celebrated in Christian tradition. His image evokes divine intervention and celestial grace.

The iconography of St. James on horseback resonates with historical narratives. Legend has it that during battles, Santiago appeared mounted on a white horse, leading Christians to victory. This figure captures that crucial moment, infusing it with reverence.

The work belongs to the Mexican colonial era, reflecting the fusion of indigenous craftsmanship and European influences, creating a unique visual language. The rarity of ancient figures like this awakens a connection to the past, making them coveted pieces for collectors and investors.

Its rarity and historical context make it a valuable treasure. For those drawn to St. James the Great's history, this piece is a tangible link to the faith and bravery of the revered Saint. Imagine this work adorning a study, a foyer, or a carefully curated exhibition. Its presence adds depth and character to any space, becoming a starting point for conversations about art, history, and spirituality.

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24 x 16 x 15"
18th Century

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