Fernanda Brunet
Fernanda Brunet


Fernanda Brunet is a prominent Mexican painter born in Mexico City in 1964. Throughout her career, she has explored the realm of comics and graphic novels, creating works that oscillate between figurative and abstract art. Her artistic style is characterized by challenging the traditional distinction between these two forms of representation, aiming to deconstruct the canvas space and generate new configurations.

Brunet's artistic training began at La Esmeralda, where she had the opportunity to study under the renowned artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro. During this period, she acquired the technical and conceptual skills necessary to develop her own visual language.

In her work, Fernanda Brunet combines themes of naturalism with elements of dreamlike and psychedelic imagery. Through dynamic and expressive brushwork, she conveys a sense of movement and energy in her paintings. In recent years, the artist has incorporated the aesthetics of manga and comics into the realm of painting, experimenting with shiny and unconventional materials to create more dynamic and eye-catching compositions.

Brunet's work has been widely recognized both in Mexico and abroad. She has participated in numerous solo exhibitions in countries such as Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, and Spain, where she has showcased her works in renowned art galleries. Additionally, she has been awarded the Monterrey Painting Biennial Prize in 2003 and has received distinctions in competitions such as the Visual Arts Biennial of Merida and the Rufino Tamayo Biennial in Mexico City.

Fernanda Brunet has made a significant mark on the contemporary art scene. Her ability to merge figurative and abstract art, as well as her exploration of diverse themes with a pioneering approach, makes her a unique and versatile artist. Her work continues to captivate viewers and collectors who recognize her contribution to Mexican art and her capacity to challenge the traditional boundaries of painting.