Jorge Elizondo
Jorge Elizondo

(Monterrey, NL 1953 – Monterrey, NL 2023)

Jorge Elizondo, a renowned contemporary Mexican sculptor, was born on October 15, 1953, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. His interest in art was awakened at an early age, and at the age of 14, he began to receive drawing and painting classes at Alberto Fuster's studio.

In 1970, he enrolled in the School of Plastic Arts and Audiovisual Arts at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), where he studied sculpture under distinguished masters such as Marta Palau, Alfonso Sosa, Rolando Paniagua, and Vicente Rojo. During his education, he also specialized in techniques such as bronze casting and ironwork.

In the 1980s, Jorge Elizondo began exhibiting his work in solo and group exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. His sculptures are characterized by exploring the relationship between space, form, and matter, creating abstract and organic compositions that convey a sense of movement and dynamism.

Throughout his career, he has received various awards and honors for his artistic work. In 1997, he won first place in the National Sculpture Competition Fundación Sebastián, in the urban sculpture category. Furthermore, he has participated in sculpture symposiums and has created several public works in Mexico, such as the sculpture "Rumbo al cielo" located in Ciudad Universitaria of UANL.

Jorge Elizondo has also excelled as an educator, teaching sculpture classes at the Adolfo Prieto School of UANL and the Adolfo Best Maugard School in Monterrey.

His work has been exhibited in renowned galleries and museums, both nationally and internationally, and is part of private and public collections in Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

The maestro passed away on August 11, 2023. Throughout his career, Jorge Elizondo left a significant artistic legacy, establishing himself as one of Mexico's most important contemporary sculptors. His work continues to inspire and captivate viewers, and his contribution to the art world transcends borders and generations.